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Battlefield Hardline....What do you guys think?

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Kind of like BF4 just a little more fast!

Naval Strike Info and Impressions

Naval Strike Well the new BF4 Nanval Strike DLC is pretty cool overall. A few things though:

1) The new buff to the AC 130 Gunship weaponry is nuts - it just rapes now if the jets on your team don't take it down quickly and in the Naval Strike maps the gunship is so high in altitude that choppers and lock on weapons are effectively useless against it.

2) Having the enemy gunship on the map means that an enemy commander is on the map and that means that you are pretty much spotted all the time. With so little cover on most of the NS maps this means your odds of surviving the gunship are low.

3) Regarding the Commander position I don't like it. Stealth and flanking are SKILLS and always being spotted by the commander removes an important element of the game. I find playing the commander to be ok although I would far rather be IN the battle. If the enemy team has a commander and your team doesn't you are probably screwed unless your team is especially good or the other team is especially bad. I'd just as soon play on servers that don't have commander enabled.

There have been some changes in the game with the recent patch/ DLC, here is a video that provides somedetails about these changes:

March 6 BF4 Patch Notes

March 6 PC Game Update Notes

-Several crash fixes and stability improvements
-Fixed an issue with data re-sending that was causing rubber banding on some servers
-Increased the maximum rank to 120
-Fixed an issue with the kill camera triggering before game client would display the last portion of damage being dealt, giving players the impression that they died too early
-Fixed issue with blood effects, damage indicators, and health bar updates in the HUD being out of sync. This issue meant that players would sometimes miss information about being shot at, or get the impression of too few hits occurring for the amount of bullets that hit.
-Tweaked the speed, dispersion, and re-arm duration of the IFV and MBT projectiles


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